Sunday, April 28, 2013

PB&J by BasicGrey

PB&J by BasicGrey, Moda Fabrics

Primary colors don't get any better than this...the newest collection from BasicGrey: PB&J!  There are a lot of fun prints in this collection as well as some beautiful florals and versatile blenders.  I love the Thermos print which gives a peak at all of the prints in the collection on the different letters of the alphabet:
Thermos, PB&J by BasicGrey
There is no shortage of beautiful florals in this collection:
Sunny Day, PB&J by BasicGrey

Daisy Mae, PB&J by BasicGrey
Toasted, PB&J by Basic Grey

My favorite print is called Raspberry Jam and has a very fun hand-drawn look to it.  It's available in blue and in red.
Raspberry Jam Bundle, PB&J by BasicGrey

Lastly, there are these terrific blenders which are also great stash builders. 

Bag of Chips Bundle, PB&J by BasicGrey

Hip Fab Bundle, PB&J by Basic Grey

Pre-cuts are also available, including Candy Packs, Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls.

Comparison of Candy Pack (top) to Charm Pack (bottom)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2wenty Thr3e by Eric and Julie Comstock

2wenty Thr3e by Eric and Julie Comstock
This versatile stack of prints from Eric and Julie Comstock, aka Cosmo Cricket, is now available at the shop.  I'm loving the colors of this line and really enjoy the small bits of text in the tickets prints.  There's also a really fun label print that can be used in so many ways on so many projects....I'm excited to see where it shows up in finished pieces.

Tickets from 2wenty Thr3e by Eric and Julie Comstock
As usual, I've grouped the prints into mini bundles, if you want a variety of colors of the same print.

I am particularly enamored with the Filmstrip Bundle show below.
Filmstrip Bundle from 2wenty Thr3e by Eric and Julie Comstock

The Hollywood Stars print looks entirely differently depending on whether you are focusing on the positive or negative space.  Such a fun print!  It's available in three colors:  petal, pavement and clementine.
Hollywood Stars in Pavement, 2wenty Thr3e

Hollywood Stars Bundle from 2wenty Thr3e by Eric and Julie Comstock

2wenty Thr3e charm packs are also available with 5-inch squares of every print in the collection.  A great way to get started on a quick project and also a fun way to preview the entire collection.
2wenty Thr3e Charm Packs

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stile Collection from Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics

Stile Collection in Blue, Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics

 The Liberty Lifestyle Fabric Collection is a range of quilting cotton weight craft fabrics brought to us by Liberty Art Fabrics  This is the same Liberty Art Fabrics of Liberty of London Tana Lawn Fame.  The Lifestyle branded fabrics are less expensive and created with the idea of patchwork and other crafts in mind.  They are still 100% gorgeous and very nice to work with.

Stile Collection in Pastel, Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics

 The Stile Collection is the second collection of Liberty Lifestyle fabrics and was inspired specifically by the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, as well as the Art Nouveau Movement in general.  The collection comes in four color palettes:  blues, pastels, brights, and classic reds.
Stile Collection in Bright, Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics

Stile Collection in Classic Red, Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics

 I've put together various bundles of the color palettes, shown above, as well as bundles grouping the prints together, such as the Mackintosh and Newbury bundles below.

Mackintosh Bundle, Stile Collection, Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics

Newbury Bundle, Stile Collection, Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics

 You can find all of these bundles (and more) and all of these prints at the shop.